This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus 17.06.2022

The judge passed by Jesus father Lukas is 17.06.2022 Today the Lord opened a heaven to me, from which there was great bright light, and from which Jesus was visible with a finger pointing towards his heart. Then Christ said: Dear my son. Today the world rejects my heart living as if I’m gone. There are faithful who do not want to hear the judges of my passed by you. And it hurts my heart. They live in error because they think that my words are only full of gentle and no mention. But I as a father must obey to what Poland and the world awaits if he does not reconcile and still live in such great sin. My heart suffers when I see how many devout men and women live to show near Mine, and from inside, it breaks and destroys their families. These are not the souls of me, but from the enemy of mine who uses them all to destroy families. And so it happens that brother spends his brother to his death and his child, children against his parents, and they give them death. Therefore, my son, be careful not to let anyone else fool you. Because many come under my name and say, “I am. And a lot of people will want to mislead you. For false prophets who live selectively in Mine’s science. But they are not from me. My son, please, stand faithful to Me and teach the faithful to my men as I ask you. Let no one fear, for the path I guide you and all who stand by you is the way that leads straight to heaven. Be the apostle of love and often with the faithful My heart I bless everyone you pray for and all those who are truly willing to pay the dots and the charity. Jesus.

Jesus’s proclamation given to Father Lukasz Good Friday 15.04.2022

I saw Jesus, scourged and in wounds. Jesus’s face was bruised and covered in blood. Next, the suffering Jesus said. My son, I am suffering the most when the consecrated souls do not properly treat My Body and Blood. Whenever the anointed hands disregard Me I am whipped and crucified again. That is why I want to take shelter in Your hands when You celebrate the Mass because those hands always treat me with respect. If other consecrated souls treated me like you do My body would not be wounded and crucified. Please, be a witness for those who do not celebrate the Mass with dignity and who do not believe I am present during the Mass. I am blessing everyone you are praying for. Jesus

This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus 08.04. 2022

This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus Today is the 8th of April 2022, while praying I heard Jesus saying the following words: My Dear Son I am crying when watching the direction My Church has taken. I am suffering seeing the serious crisis in My Church. How far has the Church drifted away from what it was supposed to be. The priests do not hear my words. Those who lead the Church here on earth are being kept in the dark and do not pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, the Church are falling into a trap. That’s why it is time for those who lead My Church to break free from the need to hold power and rule. It is time for the tabernacle to be in the center again and the thrones at the side. In the Churches, people are supposed to meet with Me and My Mother. It is time for the bishops and priests to let go of all the political connections that destroy My Church from the inside out. It is time for my enthronement. My Dear Son, I need priests that are radical and courageous. Even if they are not understood or cast away they should stand by me. They should not make compromises or concessions. I am blessing everyone you are praying for.