A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on September 22nd 2023

Dear My son,
In today’s world there are so many families and marriages tempted to break up. It’s obvious that the evil spirit is happy to see how many marriages split up. He laughs mockingly to see children suffering when their parents separate.
Therefore, please:
Wives, be submissive to your husbands as to the Lord because the husband is the head of the wife, just like Christ is the head of the church, of which he is the Saviour.But as the Church is subject to Christ, so wives are to their husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives just like Christ loved the church. Love your wives like your own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.
So what God has joined together, let no man separate. And no earthly law can change that.
As the Lord of Love and Mercy, I ask all marriages endangered with breakdown, as well as people suffering due to the situation in the marriage
to make use of the Eucharistic meetings led by my Son as often as possible.
During these meetings I will heal all the wounded hearts and bring together what the demon and man have separated.
I bless all those you pray for.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on September 15th 2023

Dear My son,
Please, stay calm in all situations. Trust me unreservedly. You are under the protection of the whole Heaven and nothing can threaten you. Do not be afraid of those who hurt you with their words. They themselves will answer for it before me. Remember, the evil spirit is always loud and noisy. Wherever it appears, it sows confusion and brings unrest to the heart of a man.

Dear My son, pray with humility and love for all your enemies and persecutors. Never do evil for evil.
If the world hates you, you have to know it hated me first. If you were from the world, the world would love you. Since you are not from the world, but I chose you out of the world, that is why the world hates you. They came after me thus they’ll come after you. They kept My Word so they will keep yours. They’ll do anything to you because of My name, because they don’t know the One who sent you.,

I beg you to pay special attention to all the sick and disabled. As a Good Samaritan lay hands marked by my wounds as often as possible on the sick who need miraculous healing.

I bless all those you pray for.
Jesus +++

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on September 8th 2023

Dear My son,
The Polish nation is endangered and exposed to war. The current actions of the ruling authorities cause a lot of rage and anger in the opponent, and this makes him prepare to attack.
The Polish government should withdraw from all activities to protect Poland.
Each decision of the ruling authorities is of great importance, as it can lead to bloodshed, famine, fire and war.
My son, the time has come for the whole Polish nation to bend its knees and pray for peace. Please encourage My faithful to establish houses of prayer where every Tuesday families, lonely people, the elderly and the suffering will pray for the intentions indicated by You. May Polish houses become places of special prayer, where I will be adored and respected.
I bless all those you pray for and I come with the grace of healing to those on whom you lay your hands.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on July 21st 2023

Dear My son,
Today I wish to say words of hope to all the sick and suffering.
Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. I invite all those in need of consolation and supernatural support to come to Me.
For me the darkness is not dark, and the night will shine like a day.
There are no situations and sufferings that I could not make a light burden, or even take away completely, so that the soul could live in complete freedom.
Please leave your troubles and sufferings in My Heart and let Me take care of their solution. I only ask you to stay with Me all the time and pray so that the fear of this world does not turn you away from Me.
Ask My priest as often as possible for spiritual support and prayer, as he is given to you as a mediator between earth and heaven for these times.
He is a priest of great humility and great faith.
He humbles himself in front of people many times to ease disputes and anger. I know the heart of my priest, and I know that whatever he does, he does for My sake. He lives modestly and poorly.
His life is marked by asceticism, penance and suffering, which he accepts because of love for Me and for My faithful. He often adores Me day and night to ask for relief from suffering and illness for many souls.
Therefore, do not be afraid and ask.
I Bless everyone +++

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on June 9th 2023

Dear My son,
Today, all heaven has thundered over the place and in the hour you meet Me in witness to My wrath for the sinful deeds committed by My priests.
Please pray for priests who do so much evil in My Church and are outside the plan of salvation. Their faith has died out and their ministry hurts My heart.
These are priests who do not lead an interior life and treat the sacrament of priesthood as a profession.
They do not have time to prepare for Holy Mass and they completely forget about thanksgiving.
After all, what are they to thank for if they have not brought out any fruit from the Holy Mass.
A lot of My faithful awaits priests kneeling and praying in the temples, and not spending time in presbyteries and religious cells day and night on sinful and unchaste things.
It is obvious that such a great weakening of the faith of My faithful is mainly caused by those priests who lack faith.
These priests mock and ridicule the faithful who treat Me with reverence and love during the Holy Mass taking My Body in a kneeling position.
My son: Offer your sufferings and prayers together with the faithful for the bishops who need conversion.
Pray for the following intentions:
Abp Wacław Depo – for conversion and abandonment of actions that destroy ecclesial communities and priests.
Bp Grzegorz Kaszak – for the grace of sincere confession of sins concealed in the sacrament of penance and reconciliation.
Bp Andrzej Czaja – for leaving the path of destruction of subordinate priests.
Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz – for the grace of returning to the path of truth.
Abp Marek Jędraszewski – for the grace of conversion from actions destroying the Polish Church.
Abp Sławoj Leszek Głódź – for a return to the path of sobriety and the compensation for all embezzlement.
Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz – for breaking off inappropriate relationships.
Abp Wojciech Polak – for the grace of returning to the path of faith.
Abp Grzegorz Ryś – for the grace of conversion and abandonment of accepting lay extraordinary men and women
I bless all those you pray for and I come with the grace of healing to those you lay your hands on.


A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on May 26th 2023

Today I saw the Lord Jesus dressed in a long white tunic, with long hair and a beard on His face. The face of the Lord Jesus was sad. The eyes of the Lord Jesus were full of tears. Then, looking me straight in the eye, the Lord Jesus said:
Dear My son,
My heart grieves to see how the enemy destroys My Church by making deceptive changes in it.
The current synodal path will lead to a downgrade of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and a great split in My Church.
Asceticism, which was the strength of My Church, has been removed.
Penitential forms that saved souls from sin and fall have been forbidden.
The celebration of the pre-conciliar liturgy has been restricted and even completely forbidden in various dioceses of the world.
Giving The Holy Communion on the hand and in a standing position pierces My Heart.
My Body was given into the hands of the non-consecrated.
Many prayers, which were a hope for My faithful, were thrown out.
More and more often My priests approach the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation coldly, thereby discouraging My faithful from using the gift of mercy.
All these changes make My faithful leave My Church. They can see that it all leads to slackening and turning away from Me.
Today, My Son, I ask you to SAVE My Church.
I wish you to be the source and beginning of the renewal of My Church, practicing asceticism and penance in union with My faithful who wish to be faithful to Me and to tradition, rejecting anything that could destroy the Sacrum.
This path will result in the rejection of you by the Shepherds, but this must be done for the greater glory of heaven and the salvation of souls.
I bless all those you pray for and I come with the grace of healing to those you lay your hands on.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on June 23rd 2023

Dear My son,
Today there is a big attack of the evil spirit on families. Marriages are destroyed without realizing that this is done by the enemy – the greatest opponent of families. The evil spirit attacks marriages, then leads them to quarrels, later on to betrayal, violence and aggression.
It is all done to destroy families and undermine the sacramental marriage. So many priests make the mistake of encouraging married couples in crisis to submit appropriate documents for the declaration of marriage nullity. The priest should save, sustain and accompany the marriage in difficult moments. However, it often happens that being under the influence of the evil spirit it is the priest who encourages to split up.
Dear My son,
Please tell My faithful that every marriage of man and woman entered into in the temple before Me is always valid, and no priest or bishop has the power on earth to declare this sacrament invalid.
All the marriages on earth who have received decisions on the declaration of nullity remain married before Me.
What God has joined, let no man separate.
I bless all those you pray for and please give special spiritual care to married couples who find themselves in difficult life situations.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on May 19th 2023

Dear My son,
So many new illnesses appear in the world. So many people suffer physically and spiritually. Physical suffering floods the world. Every day people suffer in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. Families seek help in modern world, using unconventional medicine. They seek help everywhere, forgetting that I am the Lord of life and death.
Today I ask you, My son, to tell My faithful to gather round in great numbers at prayer meetings, during which I wish to heal from all illnesses that medicine cannot cope with.
At the time when there is so much pain and suffering, I wish to show my goodness by miraculous healings of My faithful as a testimony of My presence among you.
I promise that noone will leave prayer meetings without mercy.
Every time each participant will receive a grace that will not turn him away from Me, but will unite him even more with Me.
Today My son, once again I anoint your hands to be the extension of My hands. For their sake let illnesses pass away, the blind recover their sight, the lame walk, the lepers be cleansed, the deaf hear, and the dead be raised to life.
I bless all those you pray for and I come with the grace of healing to those you lay your hands on.


A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on May 12th 2023

Today I saw the Lord Jesus in a beautiful shining white tunic, full of brightness and brilliance (such a colour is not found on earth).
Then the Lord Jesus said:
Dear My son, follow the path of humility and love. Forgive all those who hurt you and pray continuously for the souls who hurt you.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love does not envy, does not seek applause, does not rise with pride, does not allow shamelessness, does not seek its own, does not explode with anger, does not remember any evil, does not rejoice in injustice, but it rejoices in the truth. Love endures everything, it believes in everything, it puts hope in everything, it will survive. My son, you will survive in love, for I am love itself.
Therefore, I ask you to tell My faithful about My love for them as often as possible. Emphasize often that everyone is a precious pearl for me for which I fight against the forces of evil etery day. These forces fight like a roaring lion to deceive everyone and bring them down.
I, the Lord, am with you and I ask that you also be with Me.
I bless all those you pray for and I come with the grace of healing to those you lay your hands on.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke in Medjugorie on April 28th 2023

Dear My son,
You’ve reached the place where heaven meets earth. Medjugorje is the place chosen by Me and My Mother. Thanks to your love for Me the faithful could receive Me into their hearts in the place of revelations. At that time, together with My Mother, all heaven was with You, thanks to which a lot of faithful in the world received the grace of conversion, healing and liberation, as exemplified by the person released in front of My altar.
My son, go forward with great courage and love for people. May your hands marked with My wounds often bless the faithful, as I Myself heal by you.
I bless all those you pray for and carry in your heart.
After these words blood flowed from Jesus’ wounds (stigmata).

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on April 7th 2023 Good Friday

Today I saw the Lord Jesus covered in blood with wounds from flagellating and beating. The whole body ripped apart from the murder weapon.
After a while the Lord Jesus lifted up his head and said in a very sad voice:
My dear son, they flagellated Me, crucified Me and My closest sons are still doing that. They crucify Me, flagellate Me and betray My Body to be trampled.
In so many temples My Body is trampled because priests do not use the paten of communion.
In so many temples priests give My body to the hands of the faithful and the Body is later profaned.
My son, my son. My Son
Pray for faith for My priests so that they believe that I am truly present in the Holy Eucharist in every piece and in every particle.
After these words the Lord Jesus lowered his head with a crown of thorns.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on March 24th 2023

Dear My son,
So many people ask Me why there are so many diseases with different viruses, including traditional flu.
All viral diseases are caused by the fact that chemicals were sprayed over Poland. They are intended to pollute the air, water and all agricultural crops, and above all to weaken the human body. In the case of the less immune and the elderly it may result in the transition from this world to eternity.
This kind of action has been already taken in different parts of the world.
Therefore, I ask My faithful to pray fervently and as often as possibile.
Adore My Sacred Body for the conversion of those who control and direct this action.
My son, I bless all those you pray for and those who wish this blessing.
Jesus +++

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on March 17th 2023

Dear My son,
May your thoughts be often directed towards Me in order to remain continuously with Me in total union with Me. Be my reflection on earth, serving among the sick and suffering. I trust that you will bring to Me as many souls lost in today’s world as possibile with your goodness and gentleness. I ask you, My son, to take care of sister NN and save My work initiated by this holy handmaid. Please take care of this holy place and do not let it be destroyed for it was me who walked on this ground.
I bless all those you pray for.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on March 10th 2023

Dear My son,
I see how much you’re suffering and how many tears you shed in secret. Please put your head on My shoulder and feel safe. Bear in mind that the people of this world cannot harm your soul because it belongs to Me. You are protected by the whole heaven and by the people I send you and ask to help and support you. They are the extensions of My hands, too.
But you stay in prayer, Adoration and loving me.
Please love Me with all your heart and with all your self and I will do for you whatever you ask Me for.
Don’t fear anything and don’t be afraid. Bring human souls to Me by Eucharistic meetings, which are blessed by Me.
Jesus +++

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on February 24th 2023

Today I saw the Lord Jesus full of sorrow and horror, with tears in his eyes, dressed in a tunic from which a beautiful brightness was coming out. The hands of the Lord Jesus were directed towards the whole world. Then after a long time the Lord Jesus said:
My Son, My Son (and tears flowed from the eyes of the Lord Jesus). Look what they did to My Church (and after a while the Lord Jesus showed the Church in dark clouds – a picture symbolizing the reign of the evil spirit in the Church. And the Church as temples from which blood was flowing on the earth – a picture symbolizing the profanation of the Holy Sacrament, the celebration of Masses by bishops and priests in grave sins, the ministry of lay extraordinary men and women, as well as the presence of women in the presbytery of the altar – the sacred place of the Holy Sacrament).
Look My dear son, My whole Church has been destroyed (after these words tears flowed from the eyes of the Lord Jesus).
Then the Lord Jesus said: Please save My Church which has been destroyed so much and is under the influence of an evil spirit.
This is why I want you to be the pillar on which the Holy Church will be rebuilt by the way of martyrdom and the cross.
I ask My faithful to help you with this by prayer, fasting and open hearts.
Please save My Church.
Son, today I especially bless all the participants of tomorrow’s prayer meeting, during which I will be healing the sick and the suffering by the sacred wounds that you carry on your body. That will be the time when the blind will be regaining their sight, the paralysed will begin to walk, the deaf will regain their hearing and all illnesses will be passing away in My Name.
Jesus +++

A speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on February 17th 2023

Today I saw the Lord Jesus whole in the wounds inflicted during flogging.
The face of the Lord Jesus was badly wounded and blood was flowing in torrents from these wounds.
After a moment the Lord Jesus spoke in a very calm voice the following words:
Dear My son.
I wish to prepare you for the time of great suffering during Lent.
My wounds that I put on your hands and feet will be open during this time, so that those on whom you lay your hands experience a miraculous healing.
May this time be for you a period of Great Silence, fasting and asceticism, which is to serve full union with Me.
Sacrifice each asceticism and suffering for the Holy Father, bishops and priests and for all My faithful, asking the grace of faith and profound conversion for them.
At the same time, sacrifice your sufferings and penance for the founder of the House of Love, who, under My Inspiration, will give you all you need to carry out My Work.
This House will become a place of prayer for the sick and suffering, and a space of continuous contemplation of My Wounded Heart.
I bless all for whom you pray +++

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on February 10th 2023

Today, in the hour of mercy, I saw the Lord Jesus, whose eyes were flowing with tears.
Then the Lord Jesus said important words:
Dear My son, for the second time with great sadness and tears in my eyes, using you I wish to tell My faithful that the Polish Government is not guided by the good of the Polish nation.
At present, some decisions are being made (covertly) that will lead to famine and war.
Therefore, I ask priests to open the doors to all My Temples so that the faithful can adore Me continuously and beg for conversion for the Polish Government and for many sinners living far from Me.
I bless all those who will take part in the Eucharistic Meeting, during which I will be healing the ill and the suffering and will be bringing peace to human hearts.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on January 20th 2023

The moment I entered the chapel I saw the Lord Jesus coming down from heaven in the presence of Angels and Saints. Then the Lord Jesus spoke to me:
Dear My son,
I see the tears you shed and the suffering you endure.
Let me embrace you today with my hands to ease your pain and suffering.
Please trust Me completely on the way I am leading you. Let not your heart fear the people of this world (media and reporters), as they do not know My thoughts for you My beloved son. Lead My faithful the way to heaven through the Eucharistic meetings, during which I heal My faithful in spirit and body by using you. I bless all Eucharistic meetings and please never give up on them.
Don’t fear of anything My son, I and all Heaven protect you and no one will harm you.
Be faithful to the end to all that I ask you to do to fulfil My will and the will of My Father.
I bless all those for whom you pray and those who will take part in the Eucharistic meeting.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on January 13th 2023

Dear My son,
In many churches in Poland I feel very lonely and forgotten. My priests have no time to meet Me and talk about the problems of the people I send to them. They are so busy and preoccupied with the affairs of this world that they give up communing with Me, at the same time putting their hope in human solutions and plans which are drawn up according to short-sighted principles by the rulers of the Country.
That is why there are so many disappointments and failures in My Church, because My ways are not the ways of this world. My plans are not the plans of this world. As long as the priests engage in state politics and receive payment for it, there will be no order in My Church. All those who continue to do so are destroyers of the Holy Church. I ask you to listen to Me and to live according to My instructions. Remember that anyone who treats you badly hurts My heart as the wounds you carry on your body are My wounds.
Today I ask you that the members of the Sowers of Mercy community, which I bless Myself, adore My Heart every day.
Provide special care for N. N. people who will be consecrated to Me, and whose hearts and souls are very dear to Me.
I bless all for whom you pray +++


A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on December 24th 2022

Today, in the hour of mercy, I saw the Lord Jesus in the presence of Angels who were kneeling and gazing at the Face of the Lord Jesus.
Then the Lord Jesus raised His right hand towards the world and after a moment of silence He said:
My dear Son, so many people are gravely ill at home and in hospitals without receiving medical help to recover. Many of them suffer from incurable diseases.
Their families suffer when they see that they cannot alleviate the suffering of their loved ones. I ask that each prayer meeting you lead be a spiritual hospital for these people. May My faithful help the sick and suffering, people on wheelchairs, in hospital beds, blind, deaf, paralysed, suffering from various diseases to arrive at the Eucharistic meetings during which I wish to use you and, by the power of My wounds that you carry on your body, to cure and heal of diseases that medicine cannot cope with. I am the Father full of love, so I want to show goodness to all disadvantaged.
I bless all for whom you pray.
I bless all the Eucharistic meetings and all those on which you will lay hands, which are extensions of My hands.

A Speech of the Lord Jesus given to Father Luke on December 9th 2022

Dear My son,
My Wounds that you carry on your body are a sign of My complete union with you. I ask you to offer each pain you experience for the conversion of souls who have lost their way. I live in you and I also use you when you lay your hands on people who are sick and suffering.

Remember, My son, that there is no suffering that I cannot heal. I ask you to believe it and help others to believe it. Many souls during their suffering stop believing in My healing power, lose hope and sink into despair. Yet I am the Father of Love and I wish good for everyone. That is why I have chosen you in these times when a testimony is needed to prove that I am alive among people. I will not refuse you, My son, anything you ask Me for because you are fulfilling My will by serving among the sick and those who need My healing.

I bless all those you pray for.

I bless all those you brought Me in pictures and touch them with the grace of healing.



This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus 17.06.2022

The judge passed by Jesus father Lukas is 17.06.2022 Today the Lord opened a heaven to me, from which there was great bright light, and from which Jesus was visible with a finger pointing towards his heart. Then Christ said: Dear my son. Today the world rejects my heart living as if I’m gone. There are faithful who do not want to hear the judges of my passed by you. And it hurts my heart. They live in error because they think that my words are only full of gentle and no mention. But I as a father must obey to what Poland and the world awaits if he does not reconcile and still live in such great sin. My heart suffers when I see how many devout men and women live to show near Mine, and from inside, it breaks and destroys their families. These are not the souls of me, but from the enemy of mine who uses them all to destroy families. And so it happens that brother spends his brother to his death and his child, children against his parents, and they give them death. Therefore, my son, be careful not to let anyone else fool you. Because many come under my name and say, “I am. And a lot of people will want to mislead you. For false prophets who live selectively in Mine’s science. But they are not from me. My son, please, stand faithful to Me and teach the faithful to my men as I ask you. Let no one fear, for the path I guide you and all who stand by you is the way that leads straight to heaven. Be the apostle of love and often with the faithful My heart I bless everyone you pray for and all those who are truly willing to pay the dots and the charity. Jesus.

Jesus’s proclamation given to Father Lukasz Good Friday 15.04.2022

I saw Jesus, scourged and in wounds. Jesus’s face was bruised and covered in blood. Next, the suffering Jesus said. My son, I am suffering the most when the consecrated souls do not properly treat My Body and Blood. Whenever the anointed hands disregard Me I am whipped and crucified again. That is why I want to take shelter in Your hands when You celebrate the Mass because those hands always treat me with respect. If other consecrated souls treated me like you do My body would not be wounded and crucified. Please, be a witness for those who do not celebrate the Mass with dignity and who do not believe I am present during the Mass. I am blessing everyone you are praying for. Jesus

This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus 08.04. 2022

This words were given to Father Łukasz by Jesus Today is the 8th of April 2022, while praying I heard Jesus saying the following words: My Dear Son I am crying when watching the direction My Church has taken. I am suffering seeing the serious crisis in My Church. How far has the Church drifted away from what it was supposed to be. The priests do not hear my words. Those who lead the Church here on earth are being kept in the dark and do not pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, the Church are falling into a trap. That’s why it is time for those who lead My Church to break free from the need to hold power and rule. It is time for the tabernacle to be in the center again and the thrones at the side. In the Churches, people are supposed to meet with Me and My Mother. It is time for the bishops and priests to let go of all the political connections that destroy My Church from the inside out. It is time for my enthronement. My Dear Son, I need priests that are radical and courageous. Even if they are not understood or cast away they should stand by me. They should not make compromises or concessions. I am blessing everyone you are praying for.